Make sure you mark Saturday August 12, 2017 on your calendar because it’s AtanticFest, and you won’t want to miss it!

Downtown Atlantic will be filled with fun activities for all ages! Come early and enjoy a pancake breakfast, or start the day off with a run through town in the Annual Road Race or enjoy a leisurely Tractor Ride! There will be crafters from all over Southwest Iowa, as well as some of the best food vendors to help satisfy any appetite! Kids can enjoy the pony rides and bounce house, while the adults can relax in the beer garden or play in the Bags Tournament! And with free entertainment throughout the day, you can’t go wrong! Make sure you also enjoy the 19th Annual Car Show and Motorcycle Show. There will be some amazing vehicles there that you can’t see anywhere else!

Click here to see all the photos from 2016 AtlanticFest. Make sure you tag your friends! #MyAtlanticIA

AtlanticFest Results

2016 Road Race Results: Click here!

18th Annual Car Show Results

Class A

1st Place                      Ralph & Judy Wickey, 1936 Plymouth Coupe 

2nd Place                    Willie Vogl, 1950 Plymouth

3rd Place                     Bill Fell, 1939 Buick Special

Class B

1st Place                      Robert  Johnson, 1960 Impala

2nd Place                     Kevin and Barb Warner, Studeback, Silverhawk

3rd Place                     Paul Baumhover, 1957 Ford Galaxy

Class C

1st Place                       Dennis Booth, 1965 Buick Skylark

2nd Place                      Bill Peck, 1964 Ford Fairlane 500

3rd Place                      Gary Gochanour, 1966 Chevelle

Class D

1st Place                       Garold Conran, 1971 Plymouth GTX

2nd Place                      Ryan South, 1970 Cuda

3rd Place                      Bernie Slowik, 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

Class E

1st Place                       Gary Lensch, 1975 Chevy Nova

2nd Place                      Steve Green, 1974 Chevy Malibu

3rd Place                       Jay Houck, 1976 Chevy Vega

Class F

1st Place                       Marvin Clark, 1987 Chevy Camaro

2nd Place                      Beryl & Julie Renouf, 1997 Cadillac DeVille

3rd Place                      Dusty Meek, 1989 Toyota MR2

Class G

1st Place                       Ronald Sutton, 2012 Dodge Challenger

2nd Place                      Brian Skellinger, 2014 Chevy Camaro

3rd Place                      Jim Davies, 2015 Dodge Challenger

Class H

1st Place                       Doug Lantry, 1934 Ford

2nd Place                      Mike Juhr, 1934 Chevy

3rd Place                      Delanie Rush, 1942 Chevy

Class I

1st Place                       Ron Bartles, 195 Ford Customline

2nd Place                     

3rd Place                      Jeremy Mouchka, 1962 Chevy Nova

Class J

1st Place                       Ben Moffet, 1964 Chevy Nova

2nd Place                      Rob Claussen, 1967 Mercury Cougar

3rd Place                      Jim Quinn, 1967 Ford Fairlane

Class K

1st Place                       Michael Sharp, 1966 Shelby Cobra

2nd Place                      Rick Colbert, 1971 Mercury Comet GT

3rd Place                      Ed Weiss, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Class L

1st Place                       Don Lappe, 1977 Chevy Nova

2nd Place                      Tim Renze, 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

3rd Place                      Jerry Hoyte, 1973 Chevy Camaro

Class M

1st Place                       Tim Coleman, 2007 Saturn Skye

2nd Place                      Jannie Ring, 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo

3rd Place                      Andy Scheuemann, 2006 Scion TC

Class O

1st Place                       Kenneth Naico, 1929 Ford Model A Truck

2nd Place                      Dennis & Sharon Witt, 1959 Chevy Apache

3rd Place                      Kenneth Draman, 1958 Ford Ranchero

Class P

1st Place                       Dave Lines, 1970 Chevy Truck

2nd Place                      Jerry Millikan, 1962 Pickup

3rd Place                      Ed Cose, 1966 Suburban

Class Q

1st Place                       Trevor Sorensen, 1994 Chevy Silverado

2nd Place                      Richard Lupardus, 2004 Chevy SSR

3rd Place                      Chad Johnson, 2004 Chevy Silverado

Class R

1st Place                       Rex Clark, 1951 Chevy Truck

2nd Place                      Jerry & Charlotte Goben, 1944 Ford F-100

3rd Place                      Jim Evers, 1950 GMC

Class S

1st Place                       Louie Ring, 1962 Dodge D-100

2nd Place                      John Staples, 1961 Chevy Apache

3rd Place                      Wayne & Lynn Dawson, 1961 Ford F-100

Class T

1st Place                       Rob Claussen, 1979 Dodge

2nd Place                      David Hollingsworth, 1990 Jeep Wrangler

3rd Place                      Brad Willrich, 1996 Jeep Cherokee

Class U

1st Place                       Sue Fisher, 1961 Corvette

2nd Place                      Chris Lochnar, 1981 Corvette

Class V

1st Place                       Everette Grasty, 2012 Corvette

2nd Place                      Barb Jorgensen, 2003 Corvette

3rd Place                      Jackie Patton, 2010 Corvette

Class X

1st Place                       Dave Petersen, 1986 Corvette

2nd Place                      Allen Jorgensen, 1974 Corvette

3rd Place                      Marvin Bradfield, 1977 Corvette

Class M1

1st Place                       Howard Henderson, 1967 Ford Mustang

2nd Place                      Frank Greiner, 1968 Mustang California Special

3rd Place                      Melody Hutsell, 1978 Mustang Z

Class M2

1st Place                       Gary Davies, 2016 Mustang

2nd Place                      Gary Krummel, 1999 Mustang

3rd Place                      Rusty Daniels, 2009 Mustang

Class M3

1st Place                       Chad McCance, 1965 Mustang

2nd Place                      Justin Scheffer, 1968 Mustang

3rd Place                      Norm Hauf, 1968 Mustang

Class M4

1st Place                       Spencer Sothman, 2001 Mustang

2nd Place                      Tracy Wellendorf, 2014 Mustang

3rd Place                      Brian Miller, 2005 Mustang


1st Place                       Sarah McCance, 1967 Mustang

2nd Place                      Jaylen Petersen, 1979 Chevy

3rd Place                      Kirby Nielan, 2010 Chevy Camaro


1st Place                       Glenn Waterhouse, 1957 Chevy

2nd Place                      Galen Helly, Bel-Air

3rd Place                      Merlin Shou, 1956 Chevy


1st Place                       Doug Pattersen, 1930 Model A

2nd Place                      Mike Wagoner, 1945 Chevy

3rd Place                      Phil & Steph Carlson, 1926 Ford Model T


Steve Bode, 1956 Chevy Bel-Air


Howard Williams, 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon


Mark Zelinght, 1970 Challenger


Jeanette Bender, 1970 Volkswagen Kurmann


Phil & Steph Carlson, 1926 Ford Model T


Chris Loudon, Toyota


Stan McGuier, 1970 Daytona

Bike Show Results


Joe Starcevic–Albia, IA–2003 Harley Davidson Road King


Jesse Schwisow–2011 Yamaha Stryker


Jim Franks–1999 Suzuki Intruder 


Eric Kasdell–2006 Harley Heritage

Pedal Pull Results

5- 6                  boys                                                                girls

            1st / 59             Owen Gormley (6)                           1st/ 47 ½         Brinn Kreifels (6)

            2nd/ 58 ½        Riley Becker (6)                                 2nd/ 46            Claire Comes (6)

            3rd/ 35              Sawyer Becker (4)                            3rd/36              Maya Gormley (4)

7-8                   boys                                                                girls

            1st / 431/2       Walken Gary (7)                                1st/39               Ellanor Johnsen (8)

            2nd/ 40            Brentyn Hoover (7)                           2nd / 31            Dari Skarvtvedt (8)

            3rd / 36             Anthony Russell  (8)                         3rd  / 27 ½        Dasia Baxter (8)

9-10                 boys                                                                girls

            1st/ Full            Owen Hoover (10)                           1st/ Full            Alexis Russell (10)

            2nd/ 59            AC Roller (9)                                      2nd/ Full           Aleaha Noah (10)

            3rd/ 48             Kayden Crall (10)                              3rd/ 43 ½         Maylynn Ferrell (10)

11-12               boys                                                                girls

            1st/ 52              Dylan Comes (12)                             1st/ 36              Coda Mahan (12)

            2nd/ 42 ½        Donovan (12)                                    2nd/ 27            Katie Birge (11)

            3rd/ 30 ½         Jacob Cliff (12)                                 3rd/ 17             Halle Copeland (11)

13-14                                                                                       girls

                                                                                                1st/36               Payton Miller (13)

18 +                 boys                                                                girls

            1st/60               William Sird (33)                                 1st/48               Lisa Holloway (36)

            2nd/58             Travis Hanson (27)                

            3rd/57              Dan Schulz (47)

50 +                 boys

            1st/ 28 ¾          Jon Mitchell (54)

            2nd/ 28 ½        Keith Leonard (72)

Bags Tournament Results


  • 1st – Tanner Siegling – South Dakota (here for family reunion)
  • 2nd – Gaylord Schelling – Atlantic
  • 3rd – Ethan Sturm – Atlantic


  • 1st – Tanner Siegling & Kyle Hilsabeck
  • 2nd – Eric Watson & Bill Simon
  • 3rd – Grant & Etahn Sturm