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City-Owned, Vacant Lots for Sale

If you wish to purchase a City-owned vacant lot, complete the bid form and return it to the Atlantic City Clerk’s Office, 23 East 4th Street, Atlantic, Iowa 50022. Forms may also be found at City Hall. Please contact the City Administrator or City Clerk directly with any questions regarding the lots available, the conditions of sale, or process in which the City goes about selling properties.

*Policy for Disposition of City Owned Properties
*Bid Form For City Owned Properties

Current Available Properties for Sale

611 Linn Street
Lot Size: 8,900 Square Feet
Market Value: $8,300

1106 Poplar Street
Size: 7,500 Square Feet
Market Value: $8,180

302 Birch Street
Size: 7,000 Square Feet
Market Value: $5,600

7 West 11th Street
Size: 5,625 Square Feet
Market Value: $9,560

211 Locust Street
Size: 2,670 Square Feet
Market Value: $2,190