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The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce introduced their 2016 campaign “Explore, Discover, Share” at their Annual Dinner this past weekend. This campaign will kick off in April and will focus on attractions and businesses throughout Cass County.

“We are all guilty of overlooking the opportunities and experiences that are right here in our own community. Sometimes the best experiences can be right next door but we don’t discover them because we’re too busy getting on with our everyday lives,” said Ouida Hargens, Executive Director.

“This campaign is really to encourage people of all ages to explore our community and to discover or re-discover something great,” she added.

The Explore, Discover, Share campaign will encourage residents and visitors to explore local businesses and attractions to discover something new. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness for all the great businesses, interesting history and exciting experiences available in Atlantic and Cass County. Community members and visitors that share their photos and experiences will be part of the Explorer Challenge contest and will be eligible to win prizes throughout the campaign. People will submit their photos and experiences of designated places on to be entered into the contest, and those photos will be shared on social media.

“Something that’s really exciting about this campaign is it’s going to get people into businesses and attractions they may have lived by their whole lives but have never seen,” Bailey Smith, Community Marketing Associate at the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce said.

“We have so much to offer in Cass County and this campaign is going to educate people of all ages and create something exciting and fun for the whole family to take part in and enjoy,” mentioned Smith.

Chamber businesses and attractions that purchase sponsorships will be a part of the campaign, each receiving an “Explore, Discover, Share” sign or decal to designate them as a participant. Everyone has a story to tell and something to share and the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce hopes to have an endless list of businesses and attractions participate. The success of this campaign will be determined by the amount of overall support and excitement within the Chamber membership and community.