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The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce has announced Cass County Health System as the newest Community Investor Member. The new partnership with Cass County Health System gives the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce more financial support, allowing the organization to continue to improve existing programs and activities and develop new programs for the entire membership.

“The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce was founded on the principle that working together more can be achieved and this new partnership with Cass County Health System is the perfect example,” Ouida Hargens, Executive Director said.

“Collectively we will be a tool for community growth and betterment. The additional funding will allow us to develop more business based programs for our membership,” Hargens added.

The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce continues to work towards goals within their strategic plan to maintain their mission statement: Business based and community minded through partnership, outreach and promotions.

“As a major employer in southwest Iowa, we feel it is very important to work closely with our business community,” said Todd Hudspeth, CEO.  “The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce does a great job supporting a strong local business environment throughout Cass County, which is key to our ability to attract and retain outstanding staff members at CCHS.”

Cass County Health System (CCHS), unites more than 350 individuals with one common goal—to provide the highest quality medical care possible in a compassionate, caring manner. They care for patients from all walks of life with medical needs ranging from minor aches and pains to life-threatening emergencies, and everything in between. Community members are the reason they are here, and CCHS is proud to provide outstanding medical care to friends, family and neighbors in southwest Iowa.

CCHS brings together well-established, local healthcare providers to create one unified system that provides a superior experience for our patients, families and communities. CCHS affiliates include Cass County Memorial Hospital, Southwest Iowa Mental Health Center, Eye Associates, Southwest Iowa Surgery and Atlantic Medical Center, with primary care clinics in Atlantic, Anita, Griswold and Massena.

Cass County Health System, believes in the values of respect, communication, accountability, and customer service. They are true to the slogan, “Neighbors Caring for Neighbors.”

“We are looking forward to this great partnership. Both organizations are truly dedicated to the Atlantic and the surrounding areas and together we can provide more,” Hargens said.

For more information on the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce’s membership opportunities, strategic plan, programs, events and Board of Directors visit You can learn more about Cass County Health System at