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ThinkSpace IT 06.02.2016The Ambassadors visited with ThinkSpace IT on Thursday, June 2nd at their office in Harlan. ThinkSpace IT was founded by Jessa Erickson in October 2013 when she realized there was a need for business IT support in the community.

“We hadn’t intended on breaking into the IT industry as a business, but we saw a need and decided we would be foolish not to” Erickson stated.

They have grown steadily and currently employ a staff of nine and offer business IT services throughout all of Southwest Iowa. In May 2016 they were named to the MSPmentor 501 list, which is an annual list that ranks the world’s most progressive 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

ThinkSpace IT Staff: Jessa Erickson, Jason Erickson, Josh Hansen, and Renee Hansen.
Ambassadors Pictured: Bailey Smith, Dolly Bergmann, Dan Mehmen, Debbie Brown, Sue Muri, and Dawn Marnin.