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The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to introduce the Chamber Team. Ouida Hargens, Executive Director, will celebrate her second year as the Executive Director this October. She started with Chamber in March of 2014 as the Programs Director. The organization is excited to announce Bailey Smith, previously the Community Marketing and Public Relations has accepted the new position of Programs Director. The Chamber has added a new member to our team. Kat Niemann will serve as the Membership Coordinator.

Bailey Smith has been with the Atlantic Area Chamber for over a year and was recently named as the new Programs Director. Bailey is excited to dive into this new role and continue to build new relationships with the membership as well as maintain relationships already built.

Kat Niemann was previously the Director of Student Engagement at Iowa Wesleyan University in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  She is originally from West Bend, Iowa and she, husband Andy and son Owen are excited to call Atlantic home.  Kat is excited to be working at the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce as the Membership Coordinator and is looking forward to making a difference and helping the community thrive.