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Who’s going to get the farm? And what are they going to do with it? Will your future plans for your land create harmony or strife for your family? Or have you even started to think that far ahead?

Get the conversation started by attending a one-hour play Sunday, January 29, 2 pm at American Legion Memorial Building, 201 Poplar Street in Atlantic.

The drama, Map of My Kingdom, tackles critical issues of land transition. In the drama an actress portrays a lawyer and mediator in land transition disputes, shares stories of how farmers and landowners she has worked with  approached their land successions. Some came to blows, struggling to resolve the sale or transfer of their land breaking up families. Others found peacefully rational solutions that focused on family relationships and importance of the land.

Mary Swander, Iowa’s Poet Laureate, wrote the play based on interviews with Iowa farmers. Practical Farmers of Iowa commissioned the work because of their concern for farmers, their families and Iowa’s future. Over 50 percent of Iowa farmland is owned by people over the age of 65 and over 30 percent is owned by those over 75. There is tremendous farmland transition about to take place affecting owners, renters and communities.

Ms. Swander will be present for follow up conversation. Refreshments will be available. Attendees will also get to see the renovated Memorial Hall in American Legion Memorial Building used for many years as the Armory. For more information contact Ardyth Harris Gillespie, Denise O’Brien or LaVon Eblen.

Partners include Wallace Foundation for Rural Research and Development, Cass County Extension, Southwest Iowa Farm and Food Initiative, Iowa Women in Agriculture, Atlantic Rock Island Society Enterprise and Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce.

There is no fee. Local businesses sponsoring the event are Midwest Ag Services, Women Food and Agriculture, Rolling Acres Farm, Smith Land Services, Harrisdale Homestead, Rolling Hills Bank, Cambridge Law Firm, Sustainable Iowa Land Trust, Otto, Lorence & Wiederstein, VanGinkel Law Offices, Lindeman Tractor , Nishna Valley Credit Union, and TS Bank