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“Grow Another Row, Cass County!” is a campaign to encourage residents to grow more food to share in 2020. The campaign is launching to address food challenges created by COVID-19, as more people are finding themselves needing a little extra help keeping food on the table.

Welcome to May! This should be a big month for planting. Now is a good time to start planting carrots. Carrots are great to donate due to familiarity and shelf life. You can start planting now and plant additional rows of carrots every two weeks to harvest all summer long! Keep seeds continuously moist for best germination.

Quick note on tomatoes: although the temptation is strong, it is best to hold off setting those tomato plants out for another couple of weeks. Tomatoes do best when temps are consistently above 50°F.

Looking to buy starter plants? Check out Rolling Acres Farm. Denise sells many vegetables that are great for donations, including cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and cabbage, and offers either deliver or farm pick-up. For more information visit:

Ready to donate now? Cass County food pantries love receiving fresh produce! Make sure the pantries are able to use your donations.

  1. Contact the pantry ahead of time to let them know you are planning to bring produce and set up a time to drop off your donation (pantries don’t always have extra refrigeration space, so they may ask you to bring your donation on the day they distribute food).
    For more information, please contact:
    Brigham Hoegh, Wellness Coordinator
    Cass County ISU Extension
  2. Bring clean produce to the pantry (very little dirt). If you wash the produce before
    bringing it to the pantry, be sure you can dry it. If you can’t fully dry it, don’t wash it.
    This keeps produce safe.
  3. If possible, bring the produce pre-sacked in quantities that could be sent home with a
    small family. (Example: please sack green beans, carrots, etc. in 1-pound bags).

Anita Food Pantry
Address: 208 Chestnut St, Anita, IA 50020
Hours: 1st & 3rd Saturday, 9-11 AM
Produce donation contact: Tracey Lett (712) 249-4996

Atlantic Food Pantry
Address: 19 W. 4th St., Atlantic, IA 50022
Hours: Thursdays, 1-2 PM
Produce donation time: Thursdays, 9-10 AM
Produce donation contact: (712) 243-1820

Cumberland Care & Share Food Pantry
Address: 317 Monroe St, Cumberland, IA 50843
Hours: 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 4-5:30 PM
Produce donation contact: (712) 774-5818

Lord’s Cupboard of Griswold
Address: 100 Cass St., Griswold, IA 51535
Hours: 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 11 AM-2 PM
Produce donation contact: (712) 778-4178

Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food For All
Address: Various locations across the county.
Hours: Mon.-Thurs.

Produce donation contact: Brigham Hoegh (712) 249-5870

Watch for our newsletters for more gardening news throughout the season.

For more gardening tips and to sign up to participate in Grow Another Row visit 

Happy planting!

From The ‘Grow Another Row, Cass County’ team

Healthy Cass County is a community-focused volunteer network formed to promote the health and well-being of Cass County residents. Follow Healthy Cass County on Facebook @HealthyCassCounty ( Reach out to Cass County Wellness Coordinator Brigham Hoegh at [email protected] or call 712-249-5870 more information.