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The Cass County Tourism planning committee is working to revitalize their group and develop a cohesive county-wide strategy for tourism promotion. The group is particularly interested in increasing representation from areas of the county outside of Atlantic. Anyone interested in promoting Cass County as a destination worth a visit is invited to attend the Cass County Tourism committee’s next meeting on Monday, July 18, from 9:00-10:00 AM at the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce (102 Chestnut St. Atlantic, IA 50022).

For more than a decade, Kenner Baxter of Marne has led Cass County Tourism as a volunteer. For the past number of years, the Cass County Board of Supervisors have provided $5,000 in funding to Cass County Tourism annually. The funding has been used primarily for county event marketing including brochures, print ads, and radio ads about events such as the county fair, mud races, Whaletown Days, and Cass County Parks and Conservation events. Minimal funding has also been used to reimburse Baxter for the costs of attending regional and state tourism events, where she has represented Cass County.

Participants in Cass County Tourism’s meetings over the past few years have included representatives from the Hitchcock House, A.R.I.S.E., Cass County Conservation, Produce in the Park, the Cass Atlantic Development Corporation, SHIFT ATL, the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor of Atlantic, in addition to others.

As of Spring 2022, Baxter has shared she plans to step away from Cass County Tourism. However, before she departs, she’s working to ensure there is a plan for tourism promotion in the county to continue and grow. At the July 18 meeting, the group will be discussing potential long-term strategies for coordinating Cass County tourism promotion after Baxter’s departure.

Those interested in attending the meeting are encouraged to RSVP to Kenner Baxter at [email protected].