AtlantiCash – Over $70,000 distributed annually!

AtlantiCash, commonly referred to as Chamber Bucks, are gift certificates that may be used at Chamber Members’ Businesses in the Atlantic Area. They are commonly purchased by businesses and individuals to give as gifts or incentives. AtlantiCash comes in denominations of $5 and $20 and can be used like cash at all participating Chamber Member Businesses. AtlantiCash is a free benefit to all Chamber members.


Buying AtlantiCash….

  • AtlantiCash can be purchased at the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce by anyone.
  • Payment must be cash or check. (Chamber members in good standing can request to be invoiced)
  • If you are a Chamber Member with a large AtlantiCash purchase, we request you give us notice to prepare.

Receiving AtlantiCash….

  • AtlantiCash is treated exactly as a regular check.
  • AtlantiCash cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Please be sure that all employees handling funds are well-informed of this process and do not refuse AtlantiCash when offered as payment.

2023 Atlantic Cash Listing