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Today the Atlantic Specialty Care announced that the annual Easter Egg Hunt held at the facility will not be held this year due to the Early Easter and the late snow.  As occasionally happens, Easter is coming early this year; March 27th.  Due to the late snow systems that have been arriving in the area,  the facility has made the decision to do a Easter Coloring contest through the school system.

“This happened to us six years ago,” said Kellie Jimerson, Administrator at Atlantic Specialty Care.

“Sometimes we have to make a decision very early before donations are requested and so forth.  Usually the problem only occurs on that one year where Easter is in March.  In an effort to keep from having all of the eggs filled and all of the community supporters giving donations to something that may or may not occur, the facility made the decision to instead do an Easter Egg Coloring Contest thru the Atlantic School District.  We will plan to come back next year with the annual Easter Egg hunt and look forward to seeing you all then.  Until then – stay warm.”