Join the Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce exists today for the same reason it was founded: “together more can be achieved.” The Chamber turns your membership investment into a valuable, collective tool for economic development and community betterment. We’ll be happy to send you a membership packet—send us an email or give us a call today.

Here are more great reasons to support your Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Reduce Your Business Costs

  • Mailing Opportunities: Use the Chamber’s bulk mail permit to support your direct mail marketing effort, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Chamber Alert System: Receive alerts about scams, stolen checks, or bad checks.
  • Marketing Grant Program: New and expanding businesses are eligible to apply for Atlantic Business Incentive Grant Programs for marketing dollars.
  • Group Advertising and Joint Promotions: Participate in activities, events and promotions that showcase our community.

Improve Business Revenue

  • Referral Service: The Chamber provides thousands of referrals each year to Chamber member businesses.
  • Access Additional Revenue! The Chamber office sells more than $70,000 in AtlantiCash each year, which can be spent only in Chamber member businesses.
  • Special Events: Your membership supports the terrific community festivals and promotions that bring thousands of potential customers to Atlantic.

Gain Access to Unique Services

  • Newsletter: Keep in touch with an informative monthly newsletter from us via email or regular mail.
  • Mailing Labels: Chamber members can purchase a set of our mailing labels that reach 280+ southwest Iowa businesses.
  • Educational Opportunities: Participate in seminars and workshops through the Chamber.
  • Atlantic Community Guide: Exclusively featuring members of the Chamber in both alpha order and categorical listings, this guide is published every two years.
  • Exclusively featuring members of the Chamber, and also featuring advertising only available to members.
  • Information Source: We provide a one-stop location for information for both residents and tourists.

Increase Business Exposure

  • Networking: Be an active part of one of our many committees, volunteer, and attend meetings and events!
  • Ambassador Visits: Be a part of an organized network of business professionals who meet weekly.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Participate in special promotional opportunities through sponsorships. It’s a great way to advertise your business while supporting community events.

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