Volunteer Opportunities

The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce offers volunteer opportunities throughout the year for those interested in giving back to the community. Whether it’s volunteering your time to serve food at the Firemen’s Picnic & Parade or run kid booths at AtlanticFest, the Chamber has opportunities for everyone.

New this year, the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Atlantic High School to start the Silver Cord Program in the Atlantic Area. The Silver Cord Program is a graduation incentive program to promote volunteerism in the Atlantic Area. Atlantic High School seniors who volunteer a minimum of 200 hours throughout their high school career will graduate with a silver cord and be eligible for a $500 scholarship provided by the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce. The program encourages volunteer opportunities with all Civic Organizations and will benefit the entire community.

In order to make the program more accessible to students the Chamber is utilizing volunteerspot.com. Volunteer Spot is an on-line tool used for volunteer sign-ups, scheduling and management. Volunteer spot will be beneficial to the students involved in the Silver Cord Program and the entire community. Everyone will have access through atlanticiowa.com. Students can find, sign-up for, and manage their different volunteer opportunities through Volunteer Spot which will help both students and organizations stay organized during volunteer opportunities!