About the Chamber

The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce

Business Based. Community Minded.


“The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce is business based and community minded through partnership, outreach and promotion.”

The Chamber of Commerce exists today for the same reason it was founded “together more can be achieved.” Since 1941, the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce has worked to conquer economic development and quality of life issues in the community with the support of more than 270 memberships and growing.


Our Priorities & Strategic Plan

Increase Local Option Sales Tax Receipts – Shop Local!
Local Option Sales Tax receipts go towards capital improvements on roads, economic development projects, recreation/YMCA, promotion of our community, schools, healthcare and many other things that sustain our great communities.

The Chamber pushes to support the local business base and shopping locally through retail events, shop local campaigns and tourism events to help increase the receipts of LOST funds.

Increase Membership
As a membership based organization, the sustainability of the Chamber relies on retaining the existing members and adding new ones annually. The key to retention is offering excellent educational opportunities and technical support as well as social and promotional opportunities like those offered in the Total Resource Campaign (TRC). The Total Resource Campaign is the Chamber’s annual sponsorship campaign. Members voice their needs and the organization is able to show them our friend Roi (Return On Investment).

Increase Volunteerism 
The Chamber depends on a volunteer base. Each committee, event and program is run by volunteer leaders like TRC volunteers. To grow the Chamber programming and services, new volunteers are essential. Breeding an attitude of volunteerism is a partnership with other community organizations who rely on a volunteer base also. Through a +1 Volunteer Campaign, the Chamber is constantly trying to get business leaders and community members involved.

Increase Legislative Awareness
Many decisions made on the local level impact business. Zoning, community planning, Local Option Sales Tax, Hotel Motel Tax and many other issues to name a few. The Chamber takes on a role of issue awareness and education to the Chamber membership. Building relationships with elected officials is also an opportunity the Chamber provides to ensure the comfort level necessary for businesses to discuss the issues with City Council members, County Supervisors, commissioners, and state and federal representatives.

Download Strategic-Plan.pdf


The Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce and the Cass/Atlantic Development Corporation (CADCO) spearheaded an effort to create a new strategic plan for the city of Atlantic. The plan was created by the staff of the Southwest Iowa Planning Council (SWIPCO). SWIPCO facilitated discussions, provided technical assistance, and wrote the plan.

Vision 2020: Atlantic’s Plan for the Future

The final document, Vision 2020: Atlantic’s Plan for the Future, was created after numerous public input meetings were held, surveys were given, and other plans were reviewed. Read Vision 2020, download a copy of the final plan Vision 2020: Atlantic’s Plan for the Future.

Join the Taskforce

Now that we have a plan, we need to make sure that we’re sticking to it. Join us in our efforts to complete the goals of Vision 2020 by serving on our Taskforce. Contact us today for more information.