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We usually partner with the city libraries during their summer reading programs to integrate nature in. This year’s theme is “On your mark, get ready, set, READ!” We are doing StoryWalks® as part of this exercise/Olympic theme, with the idea to get people out into the parks and read! This great idea got even better by partnering with the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce and their “Explore, Discover, Share” campaign that will kick off in June when we do our StoryWalks® but also go all the way to October! The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration the Kellogg Hubbard Library. StoryWalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson. A StoryWalk® involves reading a story that is posted along a trail. At the end of the book take a selfie at the last page, upload it to under Cass County Libraries album. Don’t forget to include the appropriate hashtag #. Cass County Conservation’s hashtag is #cassccbia; please use that as well as the ones listed. Enter to win prizes! Vote for your favorite photos. The StoryWalks® will be put up Friday morning and taken down by 4:30 Monday afternoon. They are come and read as you please event. If you complete all of the StoryWalks® you will be entered in for a chance at a grand prize! Some towns are doing more than one story walk and some are also doing “practice” StoryWalks® as part of the summer library reading program. Below is the full list of StoryWalks®:


  • Anita “practice” StoryWalk® May 25th 3pm, meet inside library, walk will be in City Park.
  • Lake Anita StoryWalk® June 3rd-6th. Follow signs to spillway, Nature Hike Area. #anitalibrary
  • Cumberland “practice” StoryWalk® June 8th 1PM. Meet at the Cumberland Library.
  • Cumberland StoryWalk® June 10th -13th. Cumberland City Park #cumberlandlibrary
  • Atlantic “practice” StoryWalk® June 16th 4-7pm at Produce in the Park.
  • Atlantic StoryWalk® June 17th-20th. Pellett Memorial Woods (north of Atlantic) #atlanticlibrary
  • Lewis “practice” StoryWalk® June 22nd 1PM. Meet at the Lewis Library.
  • Lewis StoryWalk® June 24th-27th. Hitchcock Recreational Area- walk starts near the barn. #lewisialibrary
  • Massena StoryWalk® July 1st-4th. Outdoor Educational Classroom- Butterfly Garden. #massenalibrary
  • Griswold StoryWalk® July 8th-11th. Three books/walks: City Park 500 Whitney Street, Wooden Park 600 1st Street, and Fish Farm Park Hwy 48. #griswoldlibrary