The Park and Recreation Board and Staff strive to maintain and develop our city parks and recreation facilities.  We aim to offer a wide variety of recreation opportunities to our community to help with their overall well-being.  We will continue to better our parks, recreation facilities, and recreation programming to suit not only the surrounding community but to also attract visitors to our town.

Operating Hours

8 am – 5 pm
Monday – Friday

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1200 Sunnyside Lane

Atlantic, IA 50022 



Looking to try something new this summer.  Check out our Summer Swim Team as well as our Youth Summer Tennis.  For more information contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (712) 243-3542.



The City of Atlantic is looking to fill a part-time position of assisting with day-day operations with Park and Recreation.  The position is seasonal (May-August) and would be up to 40 hours per week.  Must be self-motivated, punctual, work well with others or alone. Be a team player and willing to handle any task big or small.

Sunnyside Lifeguards

A Lifeguard, or Lifesaver, is responsible for surveying a body of water and conducting rescues to help weak or injured swimmers get to safety. Their duties include speaking with swimmers to enforce swimming rules keeping and keeping track of each swimmer in the water and administering first aid to injured swimmers.