Parks with Trails

We have a variety of trails in Atlantic.  Our trails are used daily with many different healthy activities such as running, walking, biking, dog walking, and roller skating.  We always try to promote a healthy lifestyle and our trails are a big part of our parks. Come check out the trails in Atlantic.  The Atlantic Parks and Rec Department offers several miles of hard surfaced trails, gravel trails, and rustic trails.


Bull Creek Pathway

Bull Creek Pathway is a located just parallel to Bull Creek and Roosevelt Drive.  It is frequently used by students of the high school and middle school to get home.  The pathway is great for bikes, walking, and running and leads you to the intra-city Bike-way that stretches to Schildberg Recreation Area.

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East Ridge Park

East Ridge Park consists of a great trail around the park with beautiful views of the natural grasses and flowers all around. Benches throughout and an amazing gazebo that is in perfect view from everywhere in the park.

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Harl-Holt Park

The end of Bull Creek Pathway is Harl-Holt Park. A small park with playground area, shelter, basketball court, and green space great for a family to enjoy a nice little picnic before or after a bike ride.

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Schildberg Recreation Area

Schildberg is a popular area just northwest of Atlantic consisting of 3 large lakes with great views, fishing, and hard surface trails.  The recreation area is truly one of our more popular parks and is beautiful all year round!

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Sunnyside Park

Sunnyside park is our most popular park with over 50 acres of park consisting about 1000 trees throughout.

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Mollett Park

One of the towns best kept secrets, Mollett Park is hidden away on 3rd St. Place.  It is a wonderful little park with a brand new trail installed in 2020.  It has been called the “perfect race track” for kids biking! 

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