Welcome to the City of Atlantic!  On behalf of the Atlantic Parks and Recreation Board and staff of the Parks and Recreation Department we hope you find enjoy your visit.  The Atlantic Parks and Recreation Department oversees the care and management of approximately 240 acres of parks, open spaces, including 10 parks, Sunnyside Swimming Pool, Atlantic Sports Complex, 5 miles of hard surfaced trails, Schildberg Campground, and the Buck Creek Dog Park.  The Parks and Recreation Department also plans several annual recreation activities and special events.  Among those amenities are 9 shelters, playgrounds, skate parks, basketball courts, tennis courts, disc golf, camping, fishing, and so much more.

With so many parks to offer within the City of Atlantic; there is a park here for you.  Our mission is to create and environment for everyone and everything.  We strive to maintain the most up-to-date and attractive facilities.  Offering all the opportunities to participate in activities and promoting healthy lifestyles.  Please feel free to take advantage of all the park amenities as well as all the recreational items available to be checked out at our department free of charge.  We also run several programs throughout the year spanning from athletic opportunities, to community parties, to arts and other recreational opportunities.  So stay a while and take in everything available. 

Our focus over the next several years is to continue to upgrade our parks, trails, and amenities with the goal of city beautification in mind.  New and innovative projects will focus on creating visual interest along our trails; replace landscapes and site furnishings, and upgrades to our parks.  An important aspect of this approach is to review our operating practice with the intent to maintain our parks and facilities as cost effectively and efficiently as possible, while looking at our environmental impact on surrounding ecosystems.  We will continue to celebrate our city’s, engagement, and vision with the objective of public spaces which promote overall healthy lifestyles, education, and provide our patrons with wonderful recreational opportunities.