Frequently Asked Questions: Parks & Recreation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to reserve a shelter with the Atlantic Parks and Recreation?

To reserve a shelter with the Atlantic Parks and Recreation staff costs nothing. It is free to reserve a shelter, but we do accept donations. Donations can be made to the City of Atlantic and can be given to City Hall, the Park Office, or by mail.

If we want to participate in outdoor activity that is present at the parks but we do not have the equipment to do so, does the parks provide any equimpment to rent?

The Atlantic Parks department provides equipmental rentals curretly free of charge for those who need it. We have sets of Disc for disc golf, Bocce ball set, Horseshoes, portable Pickleball set, Croquette set, Chess, checkers, and Ladder toss available for people to rent.

Are picnic tables available to rent?

Picnic Tables are available to rent on the basis of their availability. To rent them you will need to call the Parks Director and work at a rental agreement. Like the shelters, there are no charge for rentals but we do accept donations.

How can I voice my opinion or concern to the Parks Deptment and make sure I am heard?

On the 3rd Monday of every month at 5:15 is the City of Atlantic Parks and Recreation board meeting. It is an open meeting for the public to attend and in the beginning of each meeting is a breif time for the public to voice their opinions.